Sunday, August 24, 2014

...a man of questions...

Dear Great Looking Family of Mine,

Man I miss you guys, can I just start with that? I mean being here is great, but seeing those pics really makes me excited to see you soon! So this week has been a very crazy busy and stressful week! We have been teaching like crazy and been working really hard to get progress in this area! We have seen the fruits of our labors! This week was really good all in all! I love the area now! My companion is awesome! We have great investigators! Just great all around! 

So we will start with the beginning of my week! Well Tuesday morning are when we have district meeting. This is when we get together as a district and work out problems of our investigators, and at the end the District Leader gives a training, which mean me... I loved it! I am not sure I have told you this, but ever sense my last area I have loved teaching people! I look forward to it everyday! This last training was on Asking Questions. Now I love the story in Matthew 16, when Jesus asks his apostles who they think he is. It really shows a truly inspired question and Simon's faith being tested through this question! I really shared about the qualities of faith, and helped explain how when it comes to questions we ask, we literally have to take from what they know/have faith in, and turn it into a question of the soul! I loved this topic and excited for tomorrow to do it again! 

Well this week was kind of sad to do investigators getting sick on Sunday... Lots of great lessons but sadly yesterdays numbers didn't show for it at church. None the less it was a great week filled with good experiences.

One was with Sister Jeanlean (formly written has Jennylyn, but was the wrong spelling). Her husband, Brother Briant, has been investigating for a long time with her. Brother Briant is a man of questions and wants to understand all at one time, and he is very Stubborn sometimes about these things! So before when the missionaries came over, he bombarded them with questions that are great, but very difficult to answer. Well from what you all know, if there is one person that is more hard headed then rest it is me! Haha! I seriously had one of my investigators who just got baptized in my last area tell me that! :P haha! Anyway, me and Brother Briant have built this really good relationship and he tells me that we are the first Elders to finally make sense to his questions! He would have came yesterday to church, but his kids got really sick with fevers! Next week Sister Jeanlean and him will both come! 

We have a baptism this week as well! Actually it is the younger sister of Brother Briant! Sister Miles! She is really awesome, she is 17 years old! She is usually really shy, but is fun to talk to! She will be baptized on the 30th of August! So YAY!! Every week with a baptism usually goes really fast! 

Well you asked me to explain how small talk and things go here in the Philippines. Well something great about being here is that they love expressions! Like Mr.Bean is one of their all time favorites here! So my expressions, hand gestures, and acting skill and it usually makes talking to people really fun! The kids are just crazy here! Not much discipline, so some are really rude, but for the most part they are amazing! Teenagers, are like normal teenagers and you have to act cool to get along with them! Adults and Grandparents are the best, because they just find a lot of in talking about life! It really is quiet normal here when it comes to conversation or it just seems that way because i have been here for a while now. :P Haha! 

Well thanks so much for the emails. I love you and miss you all! I hope you are all keeping your shoes on because I know the Lord will bless you if you do! Boys you are studds! Mom you are the best in the world, and according to Filipino's Gwapa! Which you are! :) Dad thanks for the great example you set, keep working hard and let that example shine! :) I love you! :)

Elder Minson

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