Sunday, October 26, 2014

God will provide a way, I have no doubt about that!

Dear Eternal Family of Mine,

Well we certainly had a week of events. This week was very long... It was good for the most part, but a lot was difficult about it as well! It was semester break at the college so we had all our investigators gone... and it was very rough for us there. We are in the city and finding is not so easy here, and to have all your investigators gone, it was just rough.

We spent our whole week on this finding journey to get new investigators and be able to find those that are elect. We went to our farthest area from the city, because very few missionaries have gone there to teach. We found a lot of willing people to listen. We are just scared because in Pacol, they are far away and not the richest people so going to church might be hard, but I have faith in Jesus Christ that he will provide a way for them. 

So as I said last week I went to Ma-ao and we taught a lot of good people that were in the middle of the mountains! We did end up teaching Sister S. family and it was really good! I don't know what will come of it, but we extended out a baptismal invitation. God will provide a way, I have no doubt about that! 

   We had this one new referral from a sister in our ward, she brought this 13 year old with her to church. This girl is a bit chubby and I could tell has some serious self esteem issues. She is so smart though! Her mom wanted her to be taught and so we did and man this girl, T., rocks! I hope we can help her build her self esteem! I know Gods creations are perfect and all of us our beautiful for who we are! I hope we can stop the ridicule of others and just love one another! Every soul is great in the eyes of God.

Oh a special shout out to the Nuttel Family for sending me that card! It was real nice to receive some mail! Thank you so much! 

Next week my trainer goes home, Elder Crosland. November 5th. So if you want to go to his home coming, try getting a hold of his family! It is sad to see to many Elders go! I will miss the guy! 

Thank you so much for the pics and stuff! I can't wait to see all your shining faces and talk with all of you in December! I am stoked! I love you! I know this church is true, that the fullness of the gospel was restored by a prophet even Joseph Smith! I know our Father in Heaven is watching out for us and he loves us and is willing to help us as long as we put our trust in him! I love you and miss you. Keep those shoes on!

Elder Minson



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