Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Priesthood is so strong!

Dear American Family of Mine,

So yeah I did get emergency transferred again!!!! It has been over a year sense I was transferred on the normal transfer day! I am in Bacolod 6th Ward, which is AWESOME! This is an amazing place! It is the city and it is a bit difficult on that side of things, but we are right in the heart of the city! All the stores and nice things are here in this area! It is crazy! 
I am in another 4 man apartment. My companion is Elder Basay, he is Filipino, and he is the same batch as Elder Racaza. He is very good at teaching and the language which is really nice! I am trying to get use to a companion that can teach just as well as I can! haha! 
Also in our apartment is..... your ready for this?? ELDER BABIDA!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha! Which is just so awesome! We are just like normal! It is great! We also have Elder Wade, who just got done with his training this transfer (he was in my last district). Also our apartment is a hosting home, we have all the missionaries sleep in our home when they come over to bacolod for trainings or if they are going home, which means tonight Elder Crosland will be in the appartment!! SO I will see my trainer before he goes home!!! Woohoo! 
Well the area is good, I actually just switched Elder Howell out of the area, and every one calls us twins... I have no idea why we look nothing alike, but I love that guy so it is pretty cool! We have lots of good investigators that will be baptized within the month which is good! We are in need of finding more though. So we are calling the whole ward to arms and getting the work of salvation going in full steam! :) 
We are pushing so hard! It is going to be a great time I feel! I am hoping for success! Oh and about the Minosa Family they are the best!!! They are our parents and siblings here in the mission! They are so amazing and so generous!
It is also weird because this area is in the city so people have cars and nice phones and nice houses! It is totally great! Honestly I am just glad to be a missionary and am trying to work as hard as I can! 
I only have one good spriitual experiance I want to share. Well before on transfer day Elder Howell told me to help Brother F, he is the only nonmember in his family. He has 2 kids. He has a cigarette problem. Well we went into the lesson and he was trying figure out why he needed to give it up, and we shared to him 3rd Nephi 27:19-20, how no unclean can enter the kingdom of God! Then I had a prompting to ask if he was willing to receive a priesthood blessing to help him fight temptation to smoke, he accepted. The next day we came back and his face was glowing and he was sop excited. I had my companion start the lesson and e forgot to follow up, when he passed to me I stopped the lesson and looked at brother and asked how he was doing with smoking and he was so excited to say that he had not been tempted the whole day, even when others asked he was not tempted at all! The Priesthood is so strong! God blesses those who have faith! 
So I am sorry I don't think pics will be sent today... I want too! But the computer shop has strong anti-virus and it won't pull up my card! 
Anyway I love you thank you some much for the pics! I love seeing them! I am excited to see you all in 7 months from today!! I am so thankful for all you do, I still haven't got my package or card, but it will come soon! Keep those shoes on I love you! :) 

Elder Minson

PS- For all those who emailed me I might not be able to respond but I will try next week! I love you all!

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