Sunday, October 12, 2014

"What is your advice on getting me and my family closer to God and Jesus Christ?"

(Yeah totally out of Ideas)

Hello. Haha!! So yeah this week has been pretty well not really significant... I mean it was good! but... nothing to amazing happened... So in advance sorry. Not to much to say in this email! 

So let me start with how life is! We don't like being in the apartment... so that is good! :) We like to get out of the house now so that has helped a bit with the work and stuff! We have been really struggling this week, what I thought would get us new investigators really nothing happened from it... Hopefully we will start to find more this week! That is where we have been struggling with these past couple weeks is new investigators...

Which leads me to my first good thing that happened this week!! So we had this friend of Sister J that has listened to us once or twice, but we thought she wasn't to interested. Well when we went to visit J she told us how this sister, Sister FJ, asked if we would come visit her family! Well do to our desperate need we quickly took that chance and went to her house!! We get there is 5 of them total... And they are a golden family! We taught them just the first beginning lesson of How to Begin Teaching (in chapter 10 of preach my gospel) and talked about families! In the end we asked if they had any questions at all. Well Brother C had one that was just amazing, "What is your advice on getting me and my family closer to God and Jesus Christ?" WWWHHHHHAAAAATTTT? Totally a golden question we told them to start with family prayer every night and morning! Well We followed up with Sister F last night, because she was at J's house, and she said that they have been doing that EVERY NIGHT!! And brother read our whole restoration pamphlet!! It was just awesome to finally see some people who have a desire to know and become closer to God!! 

Well other then that nothing to spectacular happened... just the same old day to day routine.

We did get to watch General Conference and man that was amazing!! I have just been blown away! All the talks were so focused on receiving revelations and the prophets and being charitable! I LOVED IT! Elder Hollands talk striked me to the core! His words are just insanely powerful! Then of course Elder Bednar's talk was just amazing and I use his exact words (translated of course) In my teachings now! It just seems so much clearer if you use the words of the Prophets in your teachings and not just make it up! All talks were fantastic! 

Well other then that.. not much else to say...

Well that is it! I love you, your all the best! I love seeing all your faces and can't wait to see them soon! Keep strong and keep the faith! Stand in Holy Places! Keep your Shoes On!

Elder Minson

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