Sunday, October 5, 2014

... I think this may have opened that path for a lot of people!!

Dear Family that should not worry about there SON, 

You like that intro? It is true! Don't worry we are all safe and sound! We are blessed! I know that nothing can harm us while we are here in the mission! We are faithful servant of our Heavenly Father and as long as we are obedient and keep strong he will bless us and keep us safe! God is having us out here to change people and maybe form this experience we may change people and I think this may have opened that path for a lot of people!! 

So honestly what happened was me and my companion came home closed the week finished all my calls about numbers and such in the district. Then me and my companion were just talking and joking around in our bedroom. As you know our house is small and we kept the door to the bedroom open so we can see everything... Well I had just put my wallet and money on the counter so we can pay our bill tomorrow. Well while we were talking I look over and I see this guy... IN OUR HOUSE! It took me all but 5 sec to realize... crap my money is gone... I yelled really loud... like... he probably crapped himself when I did it! Well he scrambled out of the house and climbed the fence... and what did I do... chased him... Yeah probably shouldn't have, but hey my adrenaline was kicked!! SO yeah 1/2 mile later my body started to slow itself... not because I had no energy, but a huge prompting told me to slow down and get back to the house.. Well with all my screaming and hollering lots of guys came out and joined me... like 20! Haha! They asked what was going on and went searching for the guy because he was hiding now! So I went back to the house talked to the people there, there are a lot of suspects and due to being in the Philippines not much can be done... it is easy to disappear here! So yeah what ever. We spent all last night chilling at the police department getting that figured out and didn't get to bed tell like 2am... It was a really interesting night! 

Any way on the bright side of it, I got to meet a lot of people. We were running out of investigators this last week and needed a new teaching pool.... So yeah now that our neighborhood knows us and knows we can speak illongo and stuff! People will be more friendly and I think we can have a lot of potential investigators! Honestly it was really fun just to talk to all the police officers and neighbors last night just like normal people! I love the people here, very rarely does anything like this happen so I can just say the Lord wants us humble and to keep going on! 

SO yeah this week was good! Sorry I have no pics... We went on exchanges I was with Elder Nielsen in his area! I LOVE his area! It is a newly opened area and there is so much potential! We had some rocking lessons together and it was really nice to see the progress there! They had a lot of great numbers when it came to people at church this week, so I felt like I helped a bit!

Sister Marisol is progressing and should be baptized this week! We are just praying she talks to her parents and gets permission from them! She is 17 almost 18 so it should be easy, but please keep her in your prayers!! We need it! She should be talking to them today! So that will hopefully be good! 

Well I don't have much else to say... sorry... nothing much else happened... We need some prayers for new investigators! We hope this experience will change it and we can find some good new investigators from the people we met! I am just happy you are all doing okay! Please keep strong in your Faith in Jesus Christ! If you do I know there is nothing that can harm us! 

Well I love you, please keep safe, and strong, and don't worry! Just keep praying and keep doing all you can to keep pressing on! I am proud of you I love you with all my heart! Keep smiling and keep moving forward!! :) KEEP THOSE SHOES ON!! :) 

Elder Minson


We received a call about an hour before getting this email from Elder Mower a senior missionary in Brocks mission. He said the church takes this very seriously and will pursue this individual and prosecute. We were assured they will do everything in their power to work with the local authorities. But the odds of finding him and getting back his identification or money are remote. Interesting side note. Many friends and family members were moved to write him tonight, many saying they just "felt" like they needed to. Thanks to all of you who followed those promptings, it means the world to Tonya and I. In a personal email Brock said he chased the guy barefoot, adds a whole new meaning to "keeping your shoes on." Thank you for your concern and prayers of protection for our dear son. Tonight we know those prayers were answered.

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