Sunday, November 23, 2014

I am just trying to be my best for my Savior because he did His best for us!

Dear Family that is Trunkier then I am, ;)
Haha! Hey it is the truth!!
So this week has been a great week. I feel so enlightened and renewed this week! I have been busy with my studies and I am trying to magnify my calling the best I can! I am just trying to be my best for my Savior because he did His best for us!
So this week started with a great beginning. Wednesday was District Meeting and I absolutely loved it! It was really funny, both my companion and Elder Babida got really sick so me and Elder Wade became companions. We went to district meeting and set up for the 2 districts that I would be teaching (because elder Babida is also district leader), well it turns out there is only 2 districts in this zone... SO I TRAINED THE WHOLE ZONE! It was so good! I loved it! The training was on Charity and that has been my goal the whole week to become more charitable! It just felt really good and I got lots of compliments from it.
Well next thing that happened is now we have 2 baptisms this week!! Woohoo! Theya re both great! Brother Francis who as you all know is awesome! And Sister Rosita who is an older lady that has been an investigator forever! We are super stoked for them! Please pray that they will pass their interviews tomorrow! They are so good and have been looking forward to their baptisms!
So I found some good news out yesterday as well. 
I went to do and interview for our zone leaders and guess who was there? SISTER SANO!!! They moved into that ward! They were there and we took pictures (check their facebooks)! I then went in to do the interview and when I came out the whole Tangub Gang was there! The Balintays (well sam wasn't there) and the M family! It was so cool! And the best part of it was this. The M family when I was there was struggling pretty bad, Brother M had some Word of Wisdom issues. They were trying to get to the temple, but brother fell into lots of temptation! Well yesterday I heard they finally made it last September!! And they gave me one of the nicest things ever, they told me that because we came to their house and gave them the picture of the Temple and taped it to their wall, they were motivated to make it!!!! It made me feel so good that the efforts there were not wasted! It just brought a whole new sense of accomplishment to my soul!
Well also when doing interviews I had another great experience last Friday! I went to do an interview for the Assistants. And they are Elder May and the new Assistant is the one and only Elder Mu!!! We had to walk to their investigators house to interview and it was such an eye opening experience.They have such an amazing area filled with great help from members and of course, them being the assistants, they also have the best missionaries. I have learned so much with just an hour of being with them. To be humble and to be kind and charitable and virtuous! And it is something I am striving so hard to be.
It is weird being the Assistants District Leader. It is also such a great calling. I think it is the best in the whole mission! I learn so much from them and they just compliment me and lift my spirits and it makes me want to be a better person and missionary! I love it so much! I am so proud to be a missionary at this time in this area of the world!
I love my mission! I am so thankful for this calling as a missionary! I hope I can show that I am a disciple of Christ. I am thankful for all of you as my family and friends the support you all send me has made me want to be a better person I love you emails and the pictures, and am so grateful even if I can't respond you send this support! I am thankful for the gospel and the blessings it has bestowed upon me! I am thankful that my Savior atoned for my sins and gave me a way to return to him! Thank you all so much! Keep strong, keep smiling, and keep those shoes on!
Elder Minson
ps- dad if you want to say that last portion at thanksgiving

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Elder Minson and Sister Angelia Sano

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