Sunday, November 16, 2014

I know this Church is True!

Dear Miraculous Family of Mine, (I bought a dictionary to help me find adjectives I haven't used yet)

These are members of Elder Minson's MTC District
The sisters will be returning home next month.
Man this week was good! It wasn't the easiest week of all time, but it definitely was good and I am happy! We had a great spiritual experience of being in the presence of a general authority, Elder Ardern. We taught and got some great new investigators! I also got to hear how Cadiz 2nd Branch is going from other missionaries and I am stoked!! 

So to start we will focus on Elder Ardern! Man, this was a man chosen from God to do his work! We had some great teachings by him, all which were on likening the scriptures unto us and using them as a powerful tool! He repeated what Elder Andersen said last year on how we should not flip a page in the Book of
Mormon without learning something about Gods plan! He then had a great question answer period for us, but the cool part was He would ask the question and we would answer! All of it was focused on "How is our mission doing what it is doing?" He said he can't deny us the fact that our mission is the top of the Philippines area. He said not to get prideful, because the Lord does not work with Pride! He was trying so hard to figure out what was different about our mission! Well with a mixture of Our Vision (Weekly Baptisms, Preach My Gospel Scholars, Exact Obedience),  and the joy (D&C 50: 17-22) that comes from the Work of Salvation, that is how we accomplish these things! He strictly talked to us though about Quality teachings and baptisms over just baptizing who ever and just help them memorize the Baptismal Interview Questions (which happens a lot). I have been saying those kind of things my whole mission and it was so nice to get the reassurance from a General Authority of God. 

So because we had Mission Tour all the other Elders slept in our apartment... There were a lot! The cool thing was I got to hear from the Elders in Cadiz and I have never been filled with more joy then anything! So do you remember my favorite family the Demapenden family? You remember how we opened that area and we were the first ones there? Well now there is a special sacrament there of an attendance of 45 people!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!! I am so happy to hear that the work that we started has grown and many souls have now been brought unto Christ! I just thought that that was a cool things to share! 

This week really has nothing super exciting other then that. We are teaching, working hard, trying to get the work progressing as much as we can to accomplish Our Vision. Time is going fast and we cannot just sit back and relax! Everyone needs to work in this cause so that we may all be able to rejoice in the last days! 

I know this Church is True! This Church was restored on this earth because God loves us as his Spirit Children! We can all return to him! We must follow his commandments and do all we can to become more like him and we will be exalted in the last day! I love you all keep being the people you are and keep working hard to keep those shoes on! 

Elder Minson

Brock found this one funny.. a "tri"serotops.

Elder Minson and his trainer Elder Crosland
before Elder Crosland returned home this month.

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