Sunday, December 14, 2014

From Dian-Ay Sagay Stake - In the middle of the Bukid.

Dear Super Family of Awesomeness and Jolly,
Well this week was an adventure! I went from a very city area, to probably one of the most BUKID areas in the entire mission! I mean we are in the mountains! Like every morning stepping out side it feels like stepping out of a cabin in the Rocky Mountains! The fresh air and cold breeze! Awe man it is just awesome!! You will see some pictures of what I am talking about!
So yeah this week was great, but honestly really hard to talk about stuff... Our travel time is sooooooo lonnnnnnggggg!!! So yeah we don't get nearly as many teachings like in Bacolod. I do have some good experiences and some funny experiences from this week though!
So my second day in this area we decided to go to this one family. Elder Allam seemed to really like them even though they are so far away! So we went, and walked and walked and walked and walked... Lots of walking took place okay... and then we finally got to the top and taught them! And Elder Allam was right they are GREAT! I wish we could visit more then once or twice a week but that is just not possible. So on our way back it got dark... and with the whole typhoon thing last week everything is mud here... Lets just say it was the Frammar all over again! By the time we got out of there My arms were covered in mud from falling and from catching myself before my shirt got hit..... It was an adventure!

Well we have this one area with a special sacrament and it is in the middle of the bukid (Mountains)! We have to take a thing called a Habblehabble(pretty much just back ride on a single motorcycle) to get up there!! Well after 20 minutes on that we finally arrive. All the pictures I am sending of the environment are just from that ride up the mountain to get to this area! So the people up there love the missionaries.We have that special sacrament and we are trying really hard to make it into a group! It is amazing! We have this one Old Nanay Canete who is just awesome! She is so humble as well! We love her and she will hopefully be baptized in January.

So yeah this week has been kind of a scramble... I don't know what to really talk about... My companion is awesome! He is batch with me to come home so that is really fun too! We teach really well together and are really trying to plan and get this area so we can travel less and focus on individual areas everyday because it is just to big and we just don't have the money to spend on so much travel! We think we will get it working out thought.
The Zone Leader thing is alright. I feel not so worthy of it. I am obedient, but I just am not one of the strongest missionaries in the mission. I will take on the calling though and try to magnify myself for it! I am glad for the opportunity to be a Zone Leader and help others. We will see how this goes in the next couple weeks!

Well I love you all! I am safe and strong and happy so don't worry about me! I love and miss you all so much and am super excited for our phone call on Christmas! I am keeping my shoes on and working hard! Thank you again for the package and for the letters, they were awesome! Thanks and love you lots!
Elder Minson
Brock and His Companion at Stake Conference in Sagay

Brock with his New Companion Elder Allam

Brock Got His Christmas Package.

Brock got his Pic of the Ogden Temple from Grandma Vicki

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