Sunday, December 28, 2014

I know this is the work of the Lord!

Merry Christmas to my Joyful Family,
Well this week was yet again another adventure! Like you all we have had lots and lots of rain... It rained everyday! Everyday I came home with lots of mud on my clothes and shoes! Haha! The shoes are still on though! Haha!
So this week has not had much happen! Like for the most part it has been the same ole same ole! Lots of teaching, and walking, and teaching, and walking! haha! We had a great week this week though!
We had around 10 investigators say they will be baptized and 4 of them are this Christmas! We have Sister Michelle Acak, Sister Elnora Canete, Sister Jeya and Jessa Elliodora being baptized this week! We have the rest of the Acak family (5 others) and Sister Mary Ann Rigodos, and Brother Jason Fortunado, and 2 others in the Rigodos Family, Brother Ryandel Dantez, and Boyboy Mendoza. They are all super elect and we should see them being baptized within the next couple weeks.
Well also to go along with that this week was amazing in our attendance at church. It was a record for me and a record for Elder Allam in this area.  It was 16 investigators at church! The Lord is amazing and his work is great! I know this is the work of the Lord!
We had good lessons all week. Interesting travel experiences. Like in the picture you see us on an extended bridge because as you see in the other picture the river overflowed and there is no was to cross on a motor. so we had to hike to get to the bridge in the mud to cross the bridge!
So I will talk later about the Christmas Call, but we will be talking on Christmas and it will be awesome! I am super excited to see you all! I don't have much else to tell! The days go by so fast here and it is really hard to remember everything! I have written everything I remember. I hope to have better things to talk about on Christmas!

I love you all! I miss you so much! Have a Merry Christmas to you all and keep those shoes on! I Keep strong, be charitable and show love and joy to all! You are the examples! I love you!

Elder Minson

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