Sunday, January 25, 2015

Baptism!!! then... Transferred.

Dear Surprised Family of Mine,

Yeah so transferred... I am mad, slightly. I was really beginning to love being with Elder Allam and being in Dian-ay. Sorry this letter might not be super long. I am kind of in the grog of just... ANYWAY! 

Thank you so much for the Happy Birthday Wishes! I am sorry I can't get email all of you today I just have very little time. My birthday was interesting. We had the training, but instead of President Lopez giving it... we did! yeah last minute thing! So yeah for my birthday I gave a training then went on exchanges with Elder Mccleary because we needed to have an interview in our area, but because Dian-ay was so far away we had to do a one day exchange! It was a good birthday overall, I got to work and teach thats all I cared about. 
Well had a baptism on Saturday! Great baptism! Brother Pompe Canete! Stopped all his vises on his own! He stopped them before we started teaching him! He actually stopped them so we could teach him! He is a great an humble person that I love! 

Well I miss my companion Elder Allam a bit! He was a great Elder and me and him got along super well! I really loved that companionship! Right now I don't have a companion because they forgot to call him last night. I am in a far area almost 4 hours away from Bacolod! I hear it is great though! I will let you know next week how it goes! I will probably just be sleeping here in Bacolod tonight and then head to Tapi tomorrow

I am doing good feeling good! I love you all and miss you all a ton! Please keep smiling and keep strong!

Elder Minson

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