Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sad News and Glad News this week.

Dear Bacolod Missionaries,

On Sunday, President and Sister Lopez returned to the United States so President Lopez can receive urgent medical treatment. It is not anticipated that they will be returning to complete their mission.

We ask that you join with the Area Presidency in prayer and faith on their behalf.

Arrangements are being made for a couple to be in Bacolod to lead the great work you are doing. In the interim, Elder Mower who serves in the mission office will be able to respond to your immediate needs.


Philippines Area Presidency

Brock Continued to say referencing the graphics below,
This is what I live by... He started this Vision and it is now my Vision!" 

A mission who understand his purpose is an amazing thing to watch, Brock is dealing with the news in the best way he knows how, he is going to work.

Dear Family in Whom I Love so Much!,

This week has been good. Very trying and very amazing! Lots happened this week and I might not be able to share it all.... Just not really in the greatest mood to email a ton today... I will try my best! 

So started with exchanges in Colonia Divina, with... guess who? Elder Wade! haha! The Elder has followed me around his whole mission! He has not had a Zone Leaders Training without me there! Colonia Divina is one of the hardest areas of all! It is also the top baptizing in the mission! The people are great! It was a good but tiring day! 

So then me and Elder Allam had some great teaching days! Nothing crazy really happened, but it was all just good! Lots of seen progress in our ward, and in the investigators here! 

Saturday we had a great Baptism for the Acak family! Sadly no member showed up... it was raining really hard! Luckily though it went through and they are the best in the whole world! Like I said Brother Sario Acak has already been given a calling as a teacher and he says he needs our help! Haha! He is excited though and we love him! 

So we are getting building plans for our special sacrament! We are making a big hut type thing so we can have our own personal building for sacrament! So hopefully this next month I will be able to build with tools again!!! WOOHOO!! We then will have tons of success because that is one of the only set backs on why people don't attend! So progress will happen!

So we have this new investigator family and they are just amazing! The Teralba family! I think they will be like the Acak family! There is 12 of them though! Haha! So yeah they love this gospel! Sister said that she did not have an interest in religion until she met us! She had 3 of her older kids go to church on Sunday and next week hopefully they all will!! 

Well other then that I just want all of you to keep President Lopez in your prayers! I love President Lopez with all my heart. He has been one of the greatest leaders and greatest examples for me! 

I love you and miss you all! Please keep safe Keep strong! Thank you for the Birthday wishes! I am sorry if I am not able to respond to all of you but just remember you are all in my thoughts! I love you all keep those shoes on!

Elder Minson

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