Sunday, January 11, 2015

Still going strong! Still keeping happy!

Dear Bout nga Pamilya ko,

Well this week was an amazingly quick and spiritual week! Lots of work and travel and work!

So we will start with being in Bacolod for our training! We had a good P-day filled with tons of miracles! We were worrying about getting the right license for the 2 marriages we have coming up. Well we got on a Jeepeney and it just so happens a return missionary sat across from us and we started talking. We then decided to ask about the marriage stuff. Well he just so happens to be one in a million people that knows how to get it done the fastest! He is from Himomaylan and he gave us his number and said he will hook us up with what we need and will pay for us! Brother Beno was a blessing for us! 

Then Brother Michael took us to dinner! He is awesome please send him some messages for me! I am thankful for his help! He also helped us with the marriage stuff and got us 2 licenses for one couple! Just awesome! So blessed here! 

Then on Tuesday we had an amazing training by our assistants and President Lopez and Sister Lopez! So much about finding, through 15 minute member visits! Members are the key to the work! And after this week I can testify! We had 6 contacted referrals and over 34 new investigators this week, even though we had 2 days taken out of work! The things we have been learning and applying have helped so much! 

So this week we had a baptism! Sister Mary Ann Regodos! She is one of my favorite investigators of all time! She is so willing to learn and become a new person! She is the first to be baptized in her family! She text us last night how she wants her family to join so bad, because she sees that they work on Sunday, but no money comes from it really anyway so they might as well just come to church. It was so strong and she is so powerful in the Spirit! She is 24 and wants to go on a mission! Hopefully we will that happen! 

Also went on exchanges with Elder Farner. So he has been in 3 of my past zones and is going home this month, along with Elder Mu and Elder Newton. We had a great exchange lots of strong work and great lessons and good laughs as well! He is a great missionary and I can tell he will be a strength to his family when he gets home. I wish you could see his homecoming, but he lives in Colorado... Maybe you can see Elder Newtons because he is over by Park City! These have been missionaries that I have spent my whole mission with pretty much and they are leaving... It is going to be hard to see them go! 

So this week we will be have 4 baptisms. The rest of the Acak Family. Rosario, Jomar, John Mark, and Jambi. They are so amazing and such a power house as well! Brother Rosario told us yesterday he is excited to get a calling!! ... he says he reads the Book of Mormon and goes to Church and wants to teach others the word of God! Haha! So awesome I love them so much as well! 

So that is my week lots of great things! Still going strong! Still keeping happy! Still doing the things which I need to do! One thing for all of you! Stay obedient, keep a goal in mind, and shoot for that goal! Keep those shoes on! I love you so much! Keep strong! 

Elder Minson

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