Sunday, January 4, 2015

Well this was a good week and an exhausting week!

Dear Family that I will see THIS YEAR,

Well this was a good week and an exhausting week! I have never ever ever been this tired in my life! The rain here is none stop... My clothes and shoes and body is always wet! It is also cold in this area so it is just so weird! I think I might use some of that money you sent me to make sure I don't freeze! Haha! Other then that though it was a great week!

We had a baptism on January 1! It was great! Brother A.M.! He is a good kid! We had to get him off smoking and gambling and stuff! He is only 17! He is smart! He is the youngest though in his family so he gets a lot of pressure from his parents and stuff! But we finally got everything going and he is doing good now! 

This week we will have another baptism for Mary Ann Rigodos! She is super awesome! Once we gave her the Book of Mormon she started reading immediately! She has a study journal and is just amazing! She has 1 little girl who is the cutest thing ever! So you will have pictures next week! 

Other then that the work has just been work! We went on our first member exchanges yesterday with all the youth! We had some good success and great teaching opportunities yesterday that has left us with lots of good new investigators! 

Oh we also had Exchanges with our Assistants!! It is Elder Mu and Elder Reyes! Both great elders that I love! I was with Elder Mu in his area and like I said at the beginning of my mission, Me and Elder Mu are like brothers haha! We were in his area which was the area I always did interviews for! And the Recent Converts that i interviewed joined us in the work! haha! There was also this Old Nanay that was one i interviewed! She calls us her children! I sent a picture of her she is the super old sister that i am with! The other picture is one of the best Member Missionaries I have seen and works all the time with them! 

Sorry don't have much else to tell! Well we are going to Bacolod today because we have a training by President and the Assistants! So that will be super awesome! 

Well I love you! Let me know if you have any questions! I miss you! Keep those shoes on! Love you!

Elder Minson

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