Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday was an adventure!

Dear Family I Just Saw 4 Days Ago,

Alright so this week well... you heard it all! Hahaha! We just talked last week! haha! Man that was amazing to see you all! It blows my mind how gwapo Brody and Brigham are getting! Dad I hope you are feeling better and Mom you are beautiful! You are just all so amazing! Love the spirit you bring! 

Well so we had a good Christmas, after the call it was just a normal day. There wasn't much celebrating here in the bukid because no one has money to celebrate! So we just visited and shared to all we could! It was good! 

Saturday was another very normal day! Lots of good teachings we went to get people ready to go to church! They were all doing really good! We have a lot of great potential in this area! 

Sunday was an adventure! I was in charge of the special sacrament at Bario Puey, and yes the Mower Couple did come to visit! It was really nice to see them and have them help with the work! The are out there is so far it goes over rivers and you go up and down mountains. Well when we got there me and a High Councilmen in our ward went and round up the investigators and it was awesome to see that they were all getting ready to leave there homes to come! We even caught this old nanay, Sister Cortez. She was reading the Book of Mormon because she thought the service was cancelled do to rain! When she saw us she quickly ran into her room to get changed to go to church! Well usually the service is out side, but it rained so we cramped ourselves in a little house to have our service! 

Well as we had the service we started the sacrament, and I was going to say the prayer on the Bread, well when the hymn started I lifted the cloth and there WAS NO BREAD!! The members who set it up didn't have any... So I looked at Elder Mower and prayed he had something! The prayer was answered when he had crackers/skyflakes in his bag! Phew... well we broke those and the sacrament was a great success! It had an attendance of 29! And Elder Mower gave a great talk on feeding the light inside us and make it shine bright! I then gave a talk on how we need to feed the light and then let it shine unto all! I think we really pumped the members up out there to help in the missionary work! 

After the special sacrament we had a great Ward Council (I think one of the first in Dian-ay haha). That is our focus to help the leaders learn their callings so they can train others to become leaders! It seems to be going real well! I guess we will see! :) 

Well I don't have much else to say... We have a potential baptism this week, Brother Archie Mendoza, he is the son of the people who have the special sacrament out in Bario Puey! He is a good kid!

Tomorrow I will be in Bacolod with Elder Mu on exchanges. Elder Mu is the assistant to President Lopez. So yep going back to Bacolod for 2 days! Haha! Woohoo! OH and guess what? We will be having Mission Presidents Training on my Birthday!! Haha! So yeah we will be with President on my birthday! Woohoo! :D haha! Great times! 

Well I love you family! I am glad you had Merry Christmas! I will be there next year to celebrate! Woohoo! I love you and miss you! See you next year ;) 

Elder Minson

Christmas Day Baptisms!!! It's a white Christmas in the Philippines

Special Sacrament Meeting Bario Puey

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