Sunday, February 22, 2015

I may not be able to literally put my shoes on, but spiritually they are on!

Elder Minson With Friends in Bacolod
Elder Minson and our long distance friend Micheal Dacutan
Dear Family of Worries,
Alright so here is the thing. Last week was good. We worked hard Tuesday and Wednesday. We taught tons of people on Tuesday and saw great new families coming out of the wood works. One being the Barannggan Family. They were a referral and they were super nice. The first contact was with the Mother and her kids as of 2 weeks ago. They seemed only somewhat interested and we were not sure how they would progress. Well we went back on Tuesday because we only have so much time in a week and they are pretty far out there. When we went back we got to meet the father and man oh man he is awesome! Such a great father figure! He has a great presence about him and he seemed extremely interested because we were focusing on the family! Saddly I am not sure if he went to church or not...

Sadly I have a terrible sense of judgement when it comes to myself. Because I woke up Wednesday and thought "maybe I should rest... nah!" So we went out and no one was home!!! We walked and walked and walked and little success came out of it! So yeah it took a hit on me. I woke up thursday and I have big sores all along the side of my foot and tips of my toes. Sorry no pictures, if I could I still wouldn't send them to you. I AM FINE!!!! The reason I am on bed rest is the whole foot got hit by infection.I was trying to keep it healthy but my area just did not have medical care to do so. So I am here in Bacolod with the office staff the next week. I will be typing in baptismal records and helping with supply!
My feet are healing right now though. I have drugs consistently going in me and I am doing much better.Walking is still a struggle but I can walk! I will be okay by the end of the week! President Ferrin and the Mower Couple is taking great care of me and I love them for that!
This just taught me a lesson in life! We can't push to hard, the Lord will still accomplish his work! He would rather have resting servants then Dead servants! I know he is helping me now though! Everyday my feet are getting stronger and better and I am more desirous to work! I love this country and the work here! I love you all keep strong! I may not be able to literally put my shoes on, but spiritually they are on! Miss you and love you!
Elder Minson

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