Sunday, March 1, 2015

I am strong and can walk and can work and do anything the Lord asks of me again.

Dear Panimalay ko,
So I am guessing you are all so curious what has been happening this week. I am sure that all of you right now are like staring at the computer screen trying to find out what is happening with me and with my life and what is going on and who is my companion. Where is my area. How is my feet and how things are going. If I need to cut my legs off and stuff. All you are really worried right now and me prolonging this is driving you all insane right now because you are all just so worried about me and my health. BAHAHAHA!!
Alright so this week has been great! I am almost now fully healed. I have been on some heavy duty antibiotics and using all sorts of creams to heal the wounds on my feet. Well now I can tell you it is almost gone. The sores are all healed. The infection passed. The only thing now is I still got baby skin on my feet. So I will be in the office this week still. I am strong and can walk and can work and do anything the Lord asks of me again.
This week has been in the mission office doing anything that is being asked of me. They actually have put me as the missions recorder right now, and have been teaching me how to do all this fancy stuff on the computer to get the mission organized and do all that is required to fill out reports. There is a big chance I might just be in the office the rest of my mission. We still have a proselyting area and we get to work almost every night from 5pm to 9pm. We also work all day Saturdays and Sundays. So we are still working hard. I am not sure if I will be here or will get transferred back this next week. I am strong though so what ever the Lord wants I will do!
Me and Elder Templeton have been companions all week. He is from New Zealand and he goes home in April. We are in the same apartment and office with Elder Powell, Elder Fraire, and Elder Asuncion. These Elders are the best and they keep this mission going! If you could try getting in contact with their parents I am sure they would love to hear from all of you!
So I got what they call the "Trunky Letter" this past week. It tells you all the basic things about the travel plans and things like that. So do to being a foreigner we will be returning home on June4th around 4pm. I work in the office so I will help book our flight plans. The thing is we fly to Manilla then stay the night, and the next day we get on the flight to America. So June 4th with be the day I get there. I am getting my passport photos today so I can go to Manilla in the next couple months to finalize flight plans, and hopefully have time for a temple session. So that will be exciting! :)
This week we had some great teaching experiences one was yesterday. We went on exchanges so I can interview a baptismal candidate of Elder Powell's and Elder Fraire's. We arrived and he wasn't there, but there was this lady talking to this candidate's neighbor who is a member. She talked to us and asked who we were and why we were there. She said she needs religion in her family because her husband is abusing her and she showed us the bruises. She said she needs a place to get away and go to for help. So we taught her. Half way through she said she wants to leave with in a couple weeks to get away from her husband. She says she is from Kabankalan and I asked her "where in Kabankalan? I just came from Baranggay Tabugon." and she almost passed out. She is FROM Baranggay Tabugon! She asked if the church was up there and stuff and I said that it is being established up there now. What a miracle, no? I served in Tabugon, got sick came to Bacolod, then went on exchanges to interview, and in the end we are teaching someone who desperately needed help and was able to establish a good relationship because I knew exactly where she lived! Great miracles that happen at all times!
So other then that this week has been typing records and traveling in cars. I bought a new camera. It is almost like my old one. Nikon and still great picture quality. I will send pictures maybe later in the office so I don't get a virus on the card. Other then that not much else. Well thank you for all your emails an prayers. I have been fasting to keep the work going, I do so every month here. I have a big testimony of fasting and being able to receive blessings from it at any time! I love the work and I love all of you! Thank you so much for all you do! :)
Elder Minson

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