Sunday, April 20, 2014

Baptism!!! Week #37 Philippines Cadiz 2nd Branch Cadiz Zone

Dear ang Gwapo/Gwapa Pamilya kag ang mga Abyan ko,

Alright alright so this week was awesome! As you can see from the pictures I have sent you... WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!! It was great and we are so ready to keep the work going! We have been really focusing on getting new investigators, because this area really has not been touched by missionaries before, so we had very little to start with! We are doing real well with collecting new investigators, and we think we found some elect ones! Next month we should be having a couple more baptisms! 
This week was way cool! So to explain the crabs! We had this one investigator and she is totally elect like her baptism is on May 3rd. She is 19, I think, she is married, I think, and she has 1 child and she is pregnant, I know that one for sure. Any way she lives clear the heck out there like so far away! It is crazy! It was referral that we got from the Sisters when we got here. Well we have been teaching Sister A. M. for 3 weeks now and she was taught before by this missionaries, but this was the first time any one has taught her husband, Brother N. They are really awesome. Any way one day we were teaching Sister A.M., her husband wasn't home yet. Well right when we got done teaching, brother came around the corner. He was crab fishing earlier. SO he they gave us 3 crabs. Now these crabs were still alive. And this family is pretty poor... It was one of the nicest gifts we were given. So we cooked them that night and it was awesome! 
Well are area is huge and pretty exciting. I did get sick a bit this week with just a head cold, but I am pushing through it! Nothing can get this Elder down ;) Well I wish I had more to tell... There really wasn't much going on besides our baptism... OH WAIT!
Well I had the opportunity to baptize Brother R.P.A. He is a great investigator, that was kind of offended by the sisters then we came in and fixed it. His family are all new members, except his dad. He is really smart and is one of our good friends. Ever sense we got here he has joined us even on other investigator lessons! It really rocks! I also got to baptize the Sisters investigator Brother S. A.S. (i think is his name) he is mostly deaf and is really a funny old man! Our district here in Cadiz is now at 100 Recent Converts. That is only between our branch and the ward elder carver is in. And we are still going strong! Our branch is actually getting ready to be a Ward soon! It is crazy! 
Well I have nothing else to say, but I love you all! I am so proud of you Brody! Brigham I love the project it looks awesome! Dad I am proud of you keep on working hard! I love you Mom Happy Birthday again! Love you all! 

Elder Minson


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