Sunday, June 8, 2014

Well when all my investigators got baptized we were like... "What now?"

Dear Great Ole Family of Mine,

Alright now that I have heard from all you I can start on my life here in the mission! So this week was a very eye opening week! Well when all my investigators got baptized we were like... "What now?" Luckily my companion has some drive in him for finding! So he activated my talk to everyone mode and that is exactly what I did! I taught anyone who would be willing to listen this week! Out of the people we were introduced to we found a good 3 families that have a lot of potential and we expect to go to church this next week! 
Well this last week we did have a baptism! I am really close with this man! His name is Brother Jungie Borla! He is really awesome his wife was a convert less then a year ago! For some reason the missionaries (sisters) before did not teach him! Which is really upsetting, but a blessing for us! He has a strong testimony of this church! He has searched other religions, but now he says he has no more need to search! When he bore testimony after his baptism he wrote it in the back of his Ang Libro ni Mormon (Book of Mormon)! He says that he doesn't want to forget how he felt that day! Me and him are really close. He started to tear up when he was saying how thankful he was for the missionaries then he looked right at me! I am just so happy to have served him and his family! A year from now they will be going to the temple to be sealed! That has been his goal sense our first teaching with him, which was about the temple, do to the fact we had a prompting to teach the temple! Such an awesome experience! :)
This week we had just gotten a new family we have been teaching! The L... Family! The mother was the one I first taught randomly at a bench outside with 10 other random people! We were on splits so I was with just a branch missionary! I started teaching and immediately saw the desire in this sister, her face lit up and she just seemed so interested! So we did what missionaries do, and we followed up! We came to her house of 6 children, the oldest a boy the rest our girls! We found out that the mother has a erthymic heart disorder! She can't get stressed or she could have problems! Her husband works a lot, but we will hopefully talk to him this week! All of the people in this family are so interested and they just understand the doctrine! We teach and when we follow up on what we teach they answer perfectly! It is just amazing to see them, please pray for them! They are our focus right now! 
Well other then these great events nothing much happened... Our Branch is working hard! They are consistently helping us work everyday! Even our Recent Converts, Sister Annalyn, Anika, and Audrey, are working really hard they have already got us 3 new families to teach in there area!  Sadly Sister Anika, is moving to Angeles Pampanga Philippines with her dad! I gave her my email so we can keep in contact and tonight we will be having a FHE at their home! I am so blessed to have these people a part of my life! All these trials mean nothing to me, as long as I bring people unto Christ through the restored gospel! 
I love you all! You are amazing wonderful people and I wouldn't have anyone else in my life! Keep strong and keep those shoes on! :) 

Elder Minson

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