Sunday, July 6, 2014

I just love seeing the spark! ...

Dear Family in the Promised Land,

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! :D Man I will admit I was really trunkie on that day haha! Luckly we are in the best city in the Philippines still!! CADIZ!!! I was so lucky to be here because here in Cadiz they also celebrate the 4th of July!! It is the day Cadiz City was born so they celebrate with parades, fireworks, and parties!! :D The work was very little because everyone was celebrating, but I went and bought some ground beef (which is expensive here, but worth it) and made some burgers for me and Elder Howell! It was real fun! :) 

Well this week we had a lot of good investigators start coming to the realization of the gospel! We were hoping to have them all come yesterday but... they didn't... It was heart breaking, but we will live! They will come this next week! 

We are teaching a lot of great people! One is Sister M! She is 15 years old and she goes by M! HAHA! :) She is such a sweet person and has the kindest heart! It took a lot of convincing for her to get to church and when she got there she totally realizes the truth! I jut love seeing the spark! Now we just have to get her to understand there is only "One Faith, One God, and One Baptism" -Eph 4:5. It will all happen in due time! :)

Then we have Sister Ma. We just randomly went to one of our investigators daughters house and when we got there we met Sister Ma. She is a very religious and spiritually in tune person! At first she was really hesitant about doing things because she is super learned in the Bible and didn't really want to at first. We left her a Book of Mormon and a lesson one pamphlet and the next time we came over she had so many questions and read very well in the Book of Mormon! It is amazing and she said this week she will come to church! She is recognizing the missing pieces in her life! 

We do have a baptism this week! An 11 year old girl that lives with her Grandma, because her parents abandoned her! She is really awesome and annoying at the same time! She is like that little sister I never wanted... I will be baptizing her so this will be exciting! :) 

Other then that nothing is real new... I am doing good...! :) I hope to just keep sharing to people and keep on going! Transfers didn't happen here so we have another month in Cadiz! I am really excited to see what more I can do here! :)

I love you all so much! Brigham I am so proud you and your big game! Brody... stop being old... you gwapo son of a gun ;) Mom you are the best I am so proud of you I love seeing you stand in front of people and talk to them, you are just so strong that way! :) And Dad I love every letter you write me, I miss you tons and i am so proud of the great example I have!! I miss you all tons! I just am keeping my shoes on and I keep moving forward! :) I love you all!

Elder Minson


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