Sunday, August 31, 2014

we just taught, and taught, and taught, and taught,....

Dear People that I Admire so Much!,

MAN OH MAN!! THIS WEEK HAS BEEN STRESSFUL!!! Haha! So yeah as you can see it was little stressful this week! I am definitely the son of Tonya and Randy Minson, because I stress about everything now that I am in a leadership position! Haha! I am doing better now! We had a lot of good things happen and we should be going on the right track! 

So this week has not had anything to amazing happen! We had lots of investigators at church and lots of good things happen! We have been working really at trying to find new investigators. And it seems like every Sunday, when we go on member missionary splits we find a ton! We are working really hard at trying to get our teaching pool big so we can find the elect! I have a feeling this area will be like Cadiz. It will be slow at first we might only get a couple baptisms here or there, but it won't catch on fire tell later months! 

We had exchanges this week! Sorry didn't get pics... of that... But it was with Elder Jaden Helquist! We had a good day and some great teachings! He is going home when I hit my 6 month mark! Which is just crazy to think of! I can't believe time is flying that fast! 

Well after that we just taught, and taught, and taught, and taught, etc. All week!  So we had 8 investigators at church which showed how much we taught! We are hoping for 5 baptisms in September. 

Sister Jeanlean has accepted a baptismal date for September 27! And her husband did as well, though he was a bit hesitant! So I am super excited for that! I hope to see that work out and I see that family grow! 

Ugh... I am really trying to think of things that happened, but i can't... It was a good week! Just really bland and not much happened! 

Well Sorry it took so long to write... lots of distractions! I am sitting next to Elder Helquist and we just keep talking! Sorry.. Well I love you all I miss you a ton! I have been working really hard I promise! I love and miss you and am praying for you everyday! I love you so much, keep those shoes on!! :)

Elder Minson

Here are pictures of our meal on Saturday at the Alajar family!
The light brownish one is.... STINGRAY!!!
It was delicious and so was everything else!

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