Sunday, September 7, 2014

Great blessings from the service of members!

Dear Family that I am Running Out of Good Adjectives to Describe With,
(good title, no?) 

Alright so this week has been AWESOME!! Like I can't believe the miracles I have seen this week! I mean like WOW! I am so happy with the results that we have been having! I mean yeah... so excited to share these stories! 

So to start out with! We will go with exchanges that we had on Wednesday! So I was with Elder Ramones, again!! He was my former Zone Leader, now I am his District Leader! Haha! He is so awesome so we had a great exchanges.

Thursday was even better! You know the Alajar family right? Well we asked if we could setup a FHE at their home, because they have a boarding house for college students next door and sister Alajar is the rule keeper for them, and they invited all the boarders to come in and have an FHE! It was so much fun! That big group of people is all that attended! We have so far gotten 7 new investigators from this and they are all really great! We also have 3 others that have said they wanted to listen, they are just short on time, and we set appointments with them! Great blessings from the service of members! 

Well then yesterday (Sunday) we had a ton of success! 6 investigators at church and some I wasn't even expecting to come, came! We will be having probably 8 or 9 this next week!

So yesterday I had fasted the whole day, the almost full 24 hours! As I was fasting I just kept thinking on how we need the blessings this week. We have been struggling finding new elect investigators. So I fasted hard for this. Well one of our investigators, who is also boarding next to the Alajar family, who we have been teaching for a long time came to the conclusion this gospel is true! It has been a roller coaster with her, she has accepted a baptismal date but has been really worried about her parents. She is 17 years old, she is going to college and her parents are super catholic. She was scared to confront her parents about her joining the church. Well Friday I was studying and was trying to think of a way to help her, nothing was coming to me... it was kind of frustrating. Well, then I switched my focus on to my lesson for district meeting tomorrow, and as I was figuring things out I randomly turned to Alma 20, which is the story of Kind Lamoni and his father! I immediately felt that that was her answer! So I text her the assignment to read Alma 17-20, so she knew the background. Well I was on splits with a member yesterday when we taught her. She says she hasn't started chapter 20 yet and she has no clue how this is relevant to her. Well I decided that that was the lesson, so we read chapter 20 and I explained my impressions on it! She was shocked! Then I asked, "Sister what do you feel is different in this church?" Well she explained to me how she loved the people and how they were so willing to come and shake her hand and just be nice to her, she also said that ever sense she started listening to us and praying she has been so happy! Supposedly at the start she was a pessimist, and all her roommates have testified that there has been a change sense we have started! I then told her how we had to push back her baptismal date because she didn't go to church. And she was a bit crushed, but the look in her eye was determination to make it happen on the 4th of October! She is so happy and is going to talk to her parents soon, the story I had her read really stuck out to her and showed her what she needs to do! It was an amazing experience seeing someone convert themselves to the gospel like that, and because of her change hopefully this will be an example to all those around her! 

Honostly this week has been such a roller coaster, but now I feel more then revived! I have seen so many miracles from this mission! I am just in complete shock to see how many people have changed everything to be members in this church! I know this church is true! I know that this gospel was restored by Joseph Smith a called prophet of God! I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and is there through the thick and the thin! I love this church, I love all of you! I miss you and can't wait to see you all again! Keep fighting on! Keep those shoes on! 

Elder Minson

The one in blue (Jerry Ann) is an investigator of ours that will be baptized the 27th

  (Beya) will be baptized the 27th as well!

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