Sunday, September 28, 2014

3 more Baptisms!!!

Dear Family of Love and Kindness to Me,

So this week was completely exhausting!!! Haha! I mean I am to totally fine, but super tired! Hense why I sent those pictures, because that is what I feel like all the time!! Pretty good week all and all though! Not much happened so sorry this might not be the longest letter in the world, but I will try to add some thoughts to make this good! 

Alright so I want to start with the best thing because I am so excited to share about it! The Baptism! So we had 3 baptisms for ourselves! Sister Jerry Ann Rebotala, Sister Bea Pajarillano and Sister Jeanelene. So yeah we had this stake activity right before this baptism (will talk about that later) and it stressed me out hard core, because it was so disorganized... I was running around trying to get things working and well I was just being a Minson about it and wanted it perfect.......... anyway! So after the activity we had the baptism which also stressed me out, we had no clothes, the font was not clean, ugh... So we fixed that! Once we hit the actual baptism I was on the verge of cracking... I felt like I was going to break down from pure exhaustion!! Well the baptism started, it had lots of attendance due to being after a baptism! The speaker did a good job, and the spirit was creeping in! Well got to the baptism and it went great, then afterwards had Testimonies, and man oh man! Sister Jeanelene got up first, she has been taught for over 7 months now... she has been on and off for a long time with this and been juggling her decision! We finally just made this goal and she went through! She got up to bear her testimony and just broke down, she told how she was not going to cry but when that spirit came she couldn't help it! Now this is my favorite family, my favorite of all! Dad you asked earlier if I ever met someone who felt like we were friends in the preexistence, I know it was her! I came in this area and we were friends immediately! Now after she spoke she sat next to me took my hand and asked, "Do you have appointments after this?" I of course said yes. She said, "Well I am coming with you." I almost broke down! I know that she has a testimony, it just took her getting baptized to have her see that! 

Now from this experiance, my body was completely revived! I had the desire shoot back in me and strength come into my body out of no where! She joined us and taught some good lessons with her! 
So I said I would talk a little bit about the activity. It was national family week here in the Philippines! So we did this last year in La Carlota and it was way good last year! This year... yeah not so great! They were not nearly as prepared! But it was funny to be involved with something that I was involved with a year ago... IN THE PHILIPPINES!! It did shoot me back a bit and made me realize, HOLY COW I AM OLD IN THE MISSION!! I am now the 2nd oldest in my district of 6 elders... I am also like the 4th oldest in my zone out of the elders! It is just crazy to see time fly, Elders and Sisters leave, then lots of new ones come in! Just crazy! 

Well other then that I don't got much else! Been a good week thats all I can say!! :) I know this gospel is true! I know that every thing has a purpose and it is Gods will not ours! I love you all I miss you and can't wait to see you in 8 months! Love you all miss you!! :)

Elder Minson

 Brock showing the sleep cycle of a missionary.
Drifting off

Waking up

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