Sunday, September 21, 2014

She came to church and felt this great joy...

Dear OLD Family of Mine in which I Love,

So this week has been a very interesting week! I will admit, I am feeling a lot older! My body hurts, I am tired, and sometimes it just hard to get up! HAHA!! But I do anyway and keep pressing onward! This week was good! Lots of good new investigators! Lots of progress! And lots work! I read a story by I believe Ezra Taft Benson, that the best remedy for being tired and homesick is WORK! So that is what we do here in this mission! We WORK!! 

So this week didn't consist of many super amazing experiences, but it was good none the less! 

So let me start with last Wednesday. So as I said last week we have this investigator, her name is Sheila, she is a college student who is really elect from the beginning! So I went on exchanges with Elder Ramones in an a area called Ma-ao. It is a really nice area filled with bukid adventures! I got the contact info from Sis Sheila about where her parents live in Ma-ao. We were lucky enough to meet her Grandpa and he guided us 2 and a half kilometers in this really bukid area and we ended up in the middle of Sugar Cane Fields at this small little house. We met her family and talked with them about Sister Sheila. Now not to much came from this but I feel like we showed a lot of respect to her family! We really hope to see improvement from this! It was a great adventure none the less!! 

Well this next week we have 3 baptisms in total! Sister Jerry Ann Rebotala, Bea Pajarillano, and Jeanlean De Leon!! Heck yeah! So we are happy about that! We are praying this week works out real well! They are all great investigators and I am so excited to see them be united into Gods Kingdom! 

So yeah you said transfers are coming up, so our mission president doesn't have us expect transfers nor does he let us know in advance, we only get a days warning. I don't think I will and don't care to leave just yet but you will know next week! 

So we also had this one investigator yesterday! Sister Mae Celis! We barely met her yesterday when she came to church with her sister! She is a very quiet timid person, because she had some bad things happen in her life before. She came to church and felt this great joy which she has not felt in a long time! She says she felt the sadness and anger leave her as she read the Book of Mormon and she felt it even stronger in church! We visited after church for the first time and she asked if she could be baptized! HAHA!! So yeah we still have to teach her everything and she still has to go to church a couple more times, but yeah we got another elect investigator! So yeah you can say life is good right now here in Bago! 

So I don't have much else to share, but I love you and miss you all a ton! I can't wait till we see each other again! I am so excited!! Please pray for Me, I know you already do, but pray for strength and desire to keep pushing forward please! I need it! I know this church is true! I know with my whole heart and soul it is true! Please keep safe and focus on our eternal goal! Thank you for all you do and all the pictures!! :) 

Elder Minson


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