Sunday, September 14, 2014

... oh and a baptism!

Dear Family... in which I love... and miss,

Alright, so HOLY COW! Why is everyone getting hurt and breaking and man.... Stop it! I miss you all! You people are crazy... Love ya though! I miss you to bits! Well so this week was pretty good! Lots of progressing investigators, lots of good things, oh and a baptism! 

So, lets start with the baptism. Brother Reynald Noble was baptized! I love this kid to death! He is the age of Brody! And he is very happy, and annoying! Haha! He just loves joking around and sometimes it was hard to teach! I have seen a change in him though! He is very sincere about the church, he loves the cleanliness of the church and how there is no vises. He is really awesome and he will be a good example for his family! 

So for great stories of the week. So we have been teaching all those borders for college and they are awesome! We have probably 7 great investigators from it and we can see lots of potential! Especially one, Sister Sheila. She is elect from the Lord. Our 3rd lesson with her, she flat out told me that she feels closer to God from our message! She says she wants to be baptized. Well she talked to her parents yesterday, and we got a text this morning... they won't let her be baptized... We need all the prayers you can send! She has a sincere desire and I feel she will be baptized. I have faith she will. I am planning on doing an exchange this week (being district leader and all) and going to where her parents live and talking with them personally. I am not letting her fall away... she is so great and elect! Please Pray for us!! 

Well Sister Marisol is doing good! We still need to talk to her parents, but she is still ready to be baptized and is super excited for this! We just need her to keep her focused! She should be baptized on the 27th of September! We are needing prayers there also! 

Sister Jeanlean went to church, as usual! But not usually at all, her Husband Brother Briant De Leon! He is getting it! I think this is really the reason I am in this area! I feel that when they are baptized, I will transfer... Haha! They were very elect people, especially for me! I love this family to death! I feel like that is why I am here in Bago is to finish this family and get them all baptized! Sister Jeanlean will be the 27th of September, and Brother Briant will be next month some time! :) 

So other then that nothing much else happened! We are just having lots of success and I am hoping it

will keep up! We are staying obedient to make sure the blessing are coming in! We have been doing good!  I love my companion! He is doing so well and is getting so much better at teaching and speaking the language it is just awesome! He will be a great leader here in the field! 

So I don't got much else to tell! I love you all! You are all the best! Keep strong! Be happy! Keep your shoes on! I love you and I want you to all know that I know this church is true! It is the ONLY true church in the whole world! I love you and miss you!

Elder Minson

Brock has had a terrible time with his feet since arriving
in Bacolod this week he went to see a doctor and discovered
his Socks were causing the problem. The moister wicking CTR socks he
purchased at Holmes Clothing has been irritating his feet for over a year.

After a week of not wearing the socks his feet are almost perfectly healed.

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