Sunday, March 29, 2015

God needs us to be obedient to do this work.

Dear Family I will see in a single digit number of weeks,
Haha, crazy to think time has flown by so fast. Just yesterday I was in La Carlota completely oblivious to everything and now I am training someone in the same situation! haha!
Well let me just get right into the good stuff of the week. Well this week has been one of the hardest weeks I have ever had when it comes to teachings! We walked and talked and tag balay-ed all over the place, but yet our investigators were not there... In total this week we had 13 lessons taught with a member present. Now I said let us get into the "good stuff" so I will explain.
Last week I talked about the Uncle and Aunt of one of our investigators, Sister Christine. Well we had a day with very little going on so we just planned a finding day. This was really rough for us do to the fact that I have a new companion and sometimes it is hard to OYM, but he was a stud and did a great job!
We found out that to get to this area we got to walk on the beach front. So as we are walking. There was this family outside making a small house. I said "Maayong Hapon" which means "good afternoon," and one of the girls (around 20 years old) kind of made fun that we were there. So what do I do? I turn around and introduce myself in the best Illongo I could muster and it pretty much broke her brain for a good 5 minutes. Well this family actually ended up being a great family, the Pancho Family. They are pretty golden and love talking with the missionaries. Sadly they did not show up to church, but we have only visited them once so I cannot complain!
Next we go to the Uncle of Sister Christine, Brother Ceasar Mondejar, and he comes out with a smile on his face with his wife and they invite us in. We share a great lesson on prophets and invite them to church and they accepted. We came back last Satuday, sad ot say brother wasn't there, but his wife was and his grandchildren. We taught them as well! They all said they will come to church and guess what? They did!!! Brother was sick but his wife and grandchildren went and it was awesome!
In total on our search for new investigators last week we came out with a total of 23! They are all quality too! They are not just people we taught once and never will again, but people we have come back to already and are super prepared! In total 9 investigators came to church. Sister Christine, Sister Pamela Martinete (long time investigators that just had her first time at church, expect great things from her), 4 from the Mondejar family in our far area, and 3 others that joined members that I still do not know but will know soon!
Well there was one more very humbling thing this week... I want to be better from it... For a while we have struggled with the Martinete Family. They didn't take much serious. They are a great family and there are many Recent Converts so we need to keep coming back... Well Saturday we recieved a text from the teenage girl Fritzel. She told me how I am to serious and need to relax and stuff the week before which put me in a bit of a bad mood. Well the text came from one of her close memeber friends which pretty much said that, We made a mistake/did a sin to Fritzel and we need to visit her house. My heart sank when I heard this text because I was just struggling so bad with them before and I did not want to have any more problems. I will admit I got a bit hot headed and said things I shouldn't have... Well went to her house, we nailed a sweat lesson on the reason why us as missionaries were there. Why we are so "serious" and things. Well after words we prayed and sister Fritzel looks at me and says "sit there we are going to have dinner!" The kids in this family cooked us a meal that night, they just were playing a prank on us... I have never felt so bad for getting mad before. I pray every day I did not offend..... They planned this meal for us and showed such love. I am really wanting to change. This family has proved to me that the gospel changes people, and that if these people are truly are elect. No matter what you do they will accept the gospel! I love the Marinete Family.
Well that was my week. At least the things I could remember. I guess our mission is going down in obedience which is crazy sad. So our zone training last week was focused on pretty much chatizing and i loved it! Please if you are in contact with parents of missionaries here, please have those parents remind their children to be obedient! God needs us to be obedient to do this work. This week proved it. We got 13 lessons with members and 4 other lessons, but we found 23 new investigators and 9 went to church! That was because we were working as hard as we possibly could and being obedient!
I love you all so much. I miss you and am excited to see you so soon! Please if you have any questions or anything let me know! I love you!
Elder Minson

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