Sunday, April 5, 2015

The field is white already to harvest! We are instruments in the Lords hands trying to accomplish an amazing work!

Dear Eternal Family,

 aWell this week has been a quite one for the books. It was Holy Week here. Back home we call it Easter. Where we are all from, Easter is to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and to bolster our faith in him. Here they celebrate Holy Thursday and Good Friday and parade around with huge statues of idols and Jesus Nailed to the Cross... It was a hard week for teachings due to this. The other religions here hold such a strong grasp on the people, but that does not discourage me because we have the truth! 

This week nothing I can remember too crazy happened. We worked hard. Got really tired and then worked some more! We just have kept in perspective that this work is going to be hard. We are really starting from scratch here, but we know as we work hard slowly the Lord will help us find his lost sheep! 

My companion, Elder Shumway, is a great man! He keeps a great attitude and really tries to keep positive and pushes really hard to be a great Elder. He struggles with the language (don't we all), but he does not let himself get down about it. He is improving everyday! 

We had 6 investigators show up to church and they are all our next couple baptisms. We have 1 this week and 1 next week and maybe one the week after! And on May 2nd we have a whole family of 5 being baptized that are totally elect! The field is white already to harvest! We are instruments in the Lords hands trying to accomplish an amazing work! 

I don't really have much to share. I got the package! Thank you to all who wrote me and for the candy and oils! :) I loved it all! I am strong and healthy and doing all I can to focus on the work! My feet are fine, I am having to go at a slower pace... Which I do not like, but will deal with it. I am happy! I love the work!

I miss you all cannot wait to see your faces! Thank you for the pictures! Please keep me updated on what is going on! For all my friends who read this, I would love to hear from every single one of you too! I just want you all to know I know that this gospel is true. That our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Atoned for our sins and is our Savior! I love you all thank you so much! 

Elder Minson

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