Sunday, March 22, 2015

It was just a testament to me that God answers prayers!

Dear Family of Heroes,

Well this week was a very hard pressed week of work. Summer time is now in effect and I am not in the same place I was last year in the mountains. I am now in the city and it is El NiƱo this year, which means no rain... Just SUN!! So yeah it is pretty hot right now. We are striving to work as hard as we possibly can, but we are also trying not to die do to the heat! haha! 

So this week has been just a constant battle for lessons and new investigators. All week I was praying for new investigators, and to find a new teaching pool here. The week was really rough in those 2 aspects... Graduation is coming up which really hammers on our ability to get many teachings. So many people are working or at school or doing other activities right now. So it was a bit rough!

Well we have been having great teachings with some of our investigators and we were feeling a good week coming up. He though that many would come to church! Well Sunday arrived and no one showed.... It was heart breaking really. We thought for sure things were going great! 

Well we had this one investigator show up half way through Sunday school. Her name is Christine Gargarita. She is a very short woman, she is around 24 or 25 years old and has a 5 year old son. They have been being taught for a while. The first night I arrived here in Pulupandan we taught her. I remember specifically saying "she is going to progress." Well this is the second week in a row she has come to church. Well the missionaries have only been teaching her at her friends house. We finally decided yesterday to go to her house! We went and she acted all shy of her house because it is not that big of a house and she doesn't have much. Well while we were teaching her all of a sudden her dad walked in wanting to learn, then 5 minutes later her uncle and aunt walked in wanting to learn. And after bearing testimony on families we could tell they were elect. We set a plan to visit with them again. We found out the uncle and aunt lives in a place that no missionaries have really gone too... sound an awful lot like what happened in Cadiz! It was just a testament to me that God answers prayers! All week asking for new investigators and even though not many went to church the one that did was the key to a whole new world of investigators! The weekly baptisms are beginning! I am excited, I really think this is a start of a new world! 

Well another thing that is happening is that EJ's Mom, the one who was kind of the reason she was not getting baptized, she is now listening to us. Not only that she is actually enjoying it all! She gets us food and drinks and we talk and joke and have a good time. I think we will get that whole family back into this church!!! 

Well other then that not much else has happened! I am just loving the work! Working hard doing all I can to set a good example for my companion, other missionaries, and all of you back home! I know this Gospel is true! God hears our prayers and he provides for us! I love this work! 

Elder Minson

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