Sunday, March 8, 2015


Dear Family of that is AMAZING in this World!,

Alright, so my week has been one of the most interesting, confusing, great, sad, and mind blowing experiences of my life. So this week started with me in the office. I have learned, pretty much the job of the clerk, but certain circumstances happened and I got thrown into an area Mansilingan 3rd Branch. 

This was an amazing area, filled with great investigators and great success! We pushed so hard to make the area show progress. Me and Elder Winward, who is leaving in April, were companions for the whole week. We taught many amazing people and I want to share about one. 

 So first is Brother Joey. He has a terrible terrible case of arthritis or something like that, where all the joints in his body are stiff and hard to move. He hurts by doing anything. Well we arrive at his house and every time he just starts crying! He is so happy to see people visit him and share the gospel he cries. His wife is a member and so are 2 of his daughters. We asked if he wanted to go to church, even though it is extremely difficult, and with the energy he could muster and with his small voice he slammed his hands on his legs and said a quite yes, with tears in his eyes and everything. He did go to church the members helped and got him a way there. This is a 2 story Church building and he climbed all the way to the sacrament hall to attend church. NOW THAT IS TRUE FAITH!

This area had lots in it and I became really close to the members. We were at one members house when she got the call her husband died. We comforted her we had the members come be with her the whole branch was functioning like it should and everything. It was such a beautiful area.

Well as we all can tell though in the margins above I am not there anymore. I am actually now in Pulupandan which is back in Bago Stake. Just got the call yesterday. I was very sad. Our area got pulled out, because there were 2 sets of missionaries in the area and very few Missionaries are coming in and they need us in another ward. We were disappointed and really bummed about the whole thing. 

I am okay though, I have a new test in my mission now, one which will help me grow. I am follow up training. My companion is Elder Shumway. He is from Richfield, Utah. I just picked him up and don't know much about him but I think this will be good! It will be interesting being with another American, and also having to be the voice and the teacher and everything. I am excited and I feel like we will learn from one another! This will be good...  I am worried just a little bit, I need your prayers. This is going to be an experience. 

Well I love you all! I am praying for you all. I Pray for Guidance everyday. I have been taught such great things and I hope to apply them for all time and eternity. I love you keep strong, be of courage, be not afraid, and keep those shoes on! 


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