Sunday, March 15, 2015

It was a miracle and was very emotional.

Dear Family that is Trunkier then I am,

Well what a week huh? This week has been a very interesting experience for me. I am training an American. It is really hard for me. Like yeah really hard, but I love the challenge. I am having to teach a language, teach the lessons in the language, and try to fellowship everyone! It is awesome! Haha! Loving the challenge. 

Well this week was filled with hard work. Every day getting out and figuring out the area. Poor Elder Shumway had a terribly disobedient companion... it was not a good way for him to be introduced into the Philippines. Now we are working to find new investigators, and show the members we care for them and the ward. I think we are succeeding. Even though we knew only like 5 investigator families we have tried to build and work from there. We are trying to find previous investigators of the missionaries before us. There are many part member families so that is our work. 

Well we had 3 baptisms this week. 2 were Brother Christian M. and Brother Rudy M. The other was a miracle. Sister EJ S., this is the one I baptized. She has been an investigator for an extremely long time. She has been active in the church for over a year now. She is 17 years old. Her dad is a member Melchezidek Priesthood holder. He is less active. His mom his very catholic. I heard about this family from Elder Mower because he met EJ and heard her story about how her parents will not allow her to be baptized. So President Ferrin and Elder Mower went to their house personally to get permission. They thought they did from the dad, but the week before I got here she still was not allowed to according to her Mom... we visited them all this week trying to figure it out. It took 3 visits, one with EJ to figure out the situation. Second she had a head ache and we taught just her Dad, Brother Tommy was with us who has a voice of an angel and sang for us and the dad said he would not get in the way of her being baptized. The third was with EJ's mom, she was the one in the end, stopping the baptism. We ended up talking, and I just joked but taught at the same time. She gained trust with us and the next day the Baptismal record was SIGNED!! After 1 year of elders coming and teaching, with all the combined effort here the Lord finally allowed EJ to be baptized. It was a miracle and was very emotional. Our next goal is to get the whole family in the church :) 

Saturday we went to Manila to get travel things done. So yeah I am officially getting close to leaving. Sadly the temple was closed, but we get to go when we are coming home. We did visit The Philippine/American Cemetery where Gordon B Hinckly opened missionary work to the Philippines! Very spiritual experience! I loved it there. I also got to have Jamba Juice and Wendy's... I loved it!!! Excited for the food back home! 

Well great week. Hope to see things continue onward and see the blessings come in. Don't have to much longer. We cannot just blow this work off we must do all we can to be able to share and become part of this gospel! I love you all I got to go! Will see you soon! 

Elder Minson


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