Sunday, April 26, 2015

My body has never been so tired.

Dear Family Pirme sa akon Paminsaharon,

Well this week has been very average... Sorry to say. Nothing to amazingly fantastic came. Well I might have a couple more things! ;) I will try to explain them the best I can.

Well this week was kind of a fixing week. We have been really focusing on getting the auxiliary leaders working and the area functioning before we went finding again. We are in a bit of a pickle here. We could use many prayers for the leadership here and for the members to preform and magnify their callings! 

Luckily for us we had a couple great referrals from our amazing recent convert Sister Nida! She has 3 families she is fellow shipping all at the same time! They are all really amazing too and willing to listen and do the things we ask! She is also trying to get her whole family in on the action in the church! 

Well one of the referrals is this older couple, the Robelo Family. They are a great family. Brother Robelo is half paralyzed. He had a stroke year ago and half his body on the Left side is not able to function. His wife is the only one who can provide. Well we visited them once and left them the pamphlet. The next time we came back we asked how things were, they told us they read the whole pamphlet! It was shocking and great. Then they told us a bit of a story. After they read the pamphlet they decided to pray about Joseph Smith, and they said the next day they received the blessings they needed with money and everything! They are gaining a testimony for themselves and will be great members of the church. 

Other then that we have been just working hard on reactivation and other things. We need all the prayers we can get for Brother Ceasar Mondejar and his family. They didn't come to church yesterday and their baptism should be this week.We really need to know what is going on there. They have a livein situation, but due to laws in the Philippines I don't know what to consider it. Just pray things will work out for this great family. 

Well other then that nothing else really happened! Just keep praying I need strength. My body has never been so tired. I really need to be able to function and do all the work that is required of me! 

I love you all I miss you and I hope you are all enjoying your lives. Mom I am so proud of you on your final exam! Brody keep on being gwapo and singing. Brigham you keep running and look gwapo while doing it! And Dad I am so proud of you and your example you have given to me! Keep those shoes on! 

Elder Minson


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