Sunday, May 24, 2015

I will end my mission with a wedding and baptism!

Dear Family, Friends, Loved Ones, and Others,

Well 1 week left... Holy cow... It still does not feel that way. I still feel like I will be here for another well... forever! Haha! This week has been a week. I will admit I almost feel not ready to leave. I love the people here so much! I am just.... I don't have words to describe... 

Well Jetro and Lovlov are on track. They passed their interviews. Their Wedding is in order and we are all set! I will end my mission with a wedding and baptism! They are so amazing and I just love them to death!

Brother Dudes wearing my Tag!
 Well last week I talked about the Less Active family, the Auigerre Family. Yeah so they are now our biggest help! We have just received 2 solid new investigators, both husbands of the women in the Auigerre Family. Both of these men, Brother Onyong and Brother Jori, accepted to be baptized with in the first lesson. They are super awesome and willing to work. 

Still coming to church!!

Well we had some pretty fantastic experiences this week teaching wise. One crazy experience is our investigators, the Gargarita family, have been investigating for 6 years and they have not even attended church once... Well this last week we got the Dad to come and yesterday he said he will bring his kids the next week! Huge blessings! 

Well I don't have lots to say... I just love the work here. I am working hard and sprinting to the finish. I am glad to say, "I will see you all next week!" I know this church is true and I know this work is the most important thing on the face of the planet! 

Love you all! I will see you next week!

Elder Minson


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