Sunday, May 17, 2015

They were the miracle I needed from Heavenly Father.

Dear Kazoku,
Sorry I ran out of english/illongo words to put as the title... I have been here that long! I figured a tribute to Dads mission language would suffice! :) Well this week was amazing... just amazing! There is so much good that came out of it! I have so much hope that this ward will progress now! 

So first I will start with our great search for well... anything. Our teaching pool has litterally been decreasing so fast. I have no idea how or why... well i have an idea, but anyway... The whole thing is the ward felt like it was collapsing around me! We have been working so hard, every day, all day... and very little was happening. Well we went in this compound next to our 2 great investigators Lovlov and Jetro (Which I will talk about later). Supposedly all the houses there are filled with less active members... We decided to visit the biggest family there, the Auigerre family, and teach. Well they let us in and we had a great teaching. Well there are like 5 daughters all with like 3 children each, and then you have the mother, all less active. Well 3 of the daughters went to church and grabbed some of the other less actives next door to come. We increased sacrament attendance by 20+ people! And that wasn't even the whole family. Tonight we will be having an FHE and it will be huge!! I think we will bring back the wards attendance at least to a reasonable amount for being a "ward." Man they are so great!

Well another blessing I said earlier was Jetro and Lovlov. They will be my last baptism here in the mission. They are flipping their whole life around! They are living in but have decided to get married through the church on May 29th and will be baptized right after the wedding!! They are the cutest couple I have ever seen here in the Philippines! They push each other to be better and become saints! It is amazing! They were the miracle I needed from Heavenly Father. I think I am going to buy some food to help with the wedding, they are still really poor so I figured that is a good way to show that I love them! Is that alright? 

Well on Saturday we were suppose to have a reactivation clinic... well only 3 people showed up! Sister Reggina Barroca(YW Pres), Janice Jereza(YW Counselor), and Brother John Alverez (Ward Mission Leader). Well in the end we went through the list of members and realized that the ward is only 25% active... Well they got a determination to work and that is what we did! It went real well and like I said earlier, Members are coming back. I have super firm solid testimony that members are the key to this great work. Not only did they help with LA's but also our investigators and I am expecting this to become a great area as long as we build the church upon missionary work and loving one another. 

Thursday we had a great Zone Conference. It was spiritual and the messages were all great. The worst part about it was though... I had to bear my final testimony to all the missionaries... I did not cry... I was close... but I didn't... Haha! It was good, but heart breaking... I love my mission. The people are so great here and I am going to miss them dearly! 

Well I love you family. Don't got much else to share! Send some pictures! Not just family but all my friends too! I LOVE PICTURES!! haha! Keep those shoes on, because i sure am! 

Elder Minson

This is my Naynay crew!! They all waited outside the chapel after I gave my last talk to get a final remembrance! :)

The huge amount of people is the Auigerre family/the other members and investigators in that compound that I told you about. That is how we do true missionary work ;) 

And this is a fresh and delicious mango!

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